Knowledge before trust

Sqope's Personal Intelligence Reports allow you to build a relationship with clients based on superior knowledge

Multilingual support

World-wide resources available to provide comprehensive business intelligence and information solutions.

Unique expertise,
wide experience

Utilize a capable team of analysts, experienced in information collection, and employing expertise in financial, regulatory and legal affairs.

Intelligence for Finance

Make inroads into new clients and sectors, while remaining fully compliant with financial industry regulations.

The Panama Files

Are you exposed ? Don't be taken by surprise. Stay ahead of events.

About Sqope

Sqope S.A. is a Luxembourg-based company offering premium information (KYC, EDD, AML) reports on individuals and corporate entities, as well as Know your Employee (KYE) reports for head-hunters and HR divisions of major banks. 

Our clients typically include private banks, family offices, independent wealth managers, trust companies, law firms, fiduciaries and global corporations that require up to-date, accurate and actionable information and analysis.

Know Your Clients

Sqope offers a full range of tools that empower corporate executives, senior bankers and law offices to take bolder decisions, in a way that is fully compliant with the rules and regulations that govern the financial industry.

Our flagship products,  Personal Intelligence Report and SqopeVIEW, are tailored to the finance and banking sector. The reports provide comprehensive, essential information about current and potential clients.            

Dormant Account Tracing

Sqope offers a specialized service to help financial institutions locate the owners of dormant accounts.This customized package includes the account holders’ contact information, and, if identified as deceased, the location of their potential heirs. 

Our extensive network of investigators allows our clients to trace the whereabouts of account owners across the globe,from Europe, Russia, East and Central Asia and Africa to North and South America and the Middle East.