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Our customers include private banks, family offices, life insurance companies, inheritance managers, asset managers, VC firms, 3rd party management companies, attorneys, notaries, trust companies as well as corporations requiring up-to-date intelligence on a company or beneficiary.


In addition, Sqope provides solutions that enable HR managers to make informed decisions when recruiting senior executives. 

“Sqope’s findings and risk analyses uncovered serious issues of which we were unaware, concerning a potential business partner. Thanks to their report, we pursued another option that aligned better with our risk tolerance.”

     (CEO - Multi Family Office, Luxembourg)

“Sqope’s reports are a real deal-maker for our Bank when we objectively present clients’ risk-profiles to the Onboarding Committee.”

(Head of Private Banking, Geneva)

Research approach

Sqope S.A. is an integral part of both the corporate and intelligence sectors. As an established part of the financial industry, and at the same time a dynamic entity with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, we are aware of the evolving global compliance environment and offer services that empower our clients to better cope with tomorrow’s challenges.

Our seasoned team of multi-disciplinary analysts enable you to assess the relevant issues in the client acceptance, client monitoring and risk mitigation processes; and at the same time provide the necessary insight for understanding and evaluating the commercial potential of business prospects worldwide.


Sqope’s value stems from its highly trained experts. We apply the following disciplines:

  • Finance experts covering all sector in the finance industry.

  • Intelligence analysts and collectors based in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia with experience in scouring proprietary and deep-web sources, using a state-of-the-art methodology.

  • Forensic and financial experts trained to produce targeted, accurate and concise reports tailored to your needs.

  • Subject experts for special projects.


Sqope S.A. places the highest value on the confidentiality of its clients and the information disclosed by them. We are a Luxembourg company and our operations are subject to Luxembourg professional secrecy law, data protection as well as personal privacy regulations, with which we are fully compliant.


We place the utmost importance on safeguarding your data, such as the identity of your clients, throughout the research and transmission processes. Our reports and research materials, including sources and primary materials, are stored on encrypted media and transmitted from computer to computer over encrypted and secure communication lines.  

In conducting research we take the utmost care not to leave electronic traces that could indicate that a particular subject is being investigated.  

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