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Custom Reports

Sometimes existing products don't fully meet your needs. This is why we offer custom reports, built-from-scratch: You tell us what you need and we provide you with an outline. In this way, you can choose precisely which issues you would like us to investigate, whether related to a potential customer, partner, investor, or other individual or entity altogether.

The Sqope advantage:

  • Fixed pricing and agreed-up deadlines
  • Customization from our list of add-ons
  • Comprehensive research and analysis process that goes beyond the “tick-the-box” approach
  • Thorough QA review
  • Vetted, extensive, and transparent sources
  • Factual, objective, and un-biased information, bolstered by our strict “Chinese wall” between sales and research teams
  • Strict confidentiality and GDPR compliance, with extensive security protocols to ensure your information is protected every step of the way

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