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Dormant Account Tracing (DAT)

How are you handling dormant and inactive accounts? With a success rate of 87%, Sqope's team of specialists utilize cyber know-how in conjunction with our network of investigators throughout the world to help you identify the owners and next of kin for inactive accounts. We offer three steps for dormant account tracing to ensure that you get the information you need.

Step I

In this first step, Sqope clarifies if the account holder is alive or deceased and, in the case of the former, locates and provides their contact information.

Step II

In the event that the account holder is known to be deceased or this is discovered during Step I, the second step involves locating and providing contact details for possible heirs. 

Step III

As the third and final step in this process, Sqope can initiate direct contact with the account holder or next of kin.

The Sqope advantage:

  • Fixed pricing and agreed-up deadlines
  • Customization from our list of add-ons
  • Comprehensive research and analysis process that goes beyond the “tick-the-box” approach
  • Thorough QA review
  • Vetted, extensive, and transparent sources
  • Factual, objective, and un-biased information, bolstered by our strict “Chinese wall” between sales and research teams
  • Strict confidentiality and GDPR compliance, with extensive security protocols to ensure your information is protected every step of the way

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