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Due Diligence Reports on Individuals

In the compliance field, there is no "one size fits all". At Sqope, you can choose from our three levels of due diligence reports based on the subject's risk level and your specific requirements. Our experience and unique methodology provides the information necessary to make an informed decision and protect your reputation.

Level I: Due Diligence

Intended for low- to medium-risk individuals, a number of clients value this as a first step of their assessment and able to clearly inform them as to whether further investigation – our Level II or Level III report – is warranted. 

Level II: Enhanced Due Diligence

Designed for medium- to high-risk individuals, this report is one of our most popular options in terms of content and pricing. Providing a fuller picture than our Level 1, many clients skip right to our Level II as their first step in assessing risk.

Level III: Deep Due Diligence

Our most popular report and geared toward high- and ultra-high risk individuals, the Level III provides our most comprehensive overview on an individual’s risk level. Highly customizable, clients often choose to expand the report even further through our menu of add-ons in order to meet their unique needs. 

The Sqope advantage:

  • Fixed pricing and agreed-up deadlines
  • Customization from our list of add-ons
  • Comprehensive research and analysis process that goes beyond the “tick-the-box” approach
  • Thorough QA review
  • Vetted, extensive, and transparent sources
  • Factual, objective, and un-biased information, bolstered by our strict “Chinese wall” between sales and research teams
  • Strict confidentiality and GDPR compliance, with extensive security protocols to ensure your information is protected every step of the way

Our Due Diligence Reports include:

  • Proprietary risk matrix summarizing up to 11 risk parameters
  • In-depth risk and reputational assessments that expand on the above-mentioned parameters of the risk matrix
  • Country exposure
  • Professional experience
  • Educational background
  • Political and legal exposure
  • Source of wealth overview
  • Analyst recommendations
  • For a more detailed list, please contact us below.

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